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Dare To Play Oregon’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Trivia!

Please enter your contact information and answers to the ten trivia questions in the comments box to the right.

1.  Q:  Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, how long will it take to build the Corvallis home, according to Jim Chapman, President of Legend Homes?
2.  Q:  Even wild horses couldn't keep them away -- the Oregon State University national championship baseball team came out swinging their bats to help demolish the Byers’ old home.   What number jersey was team mascot, Benny the Beaver, wearing?
3. Q:  What was Ty Pennington’s “special project” for this episode?
4. Q:  A cancer survivor and dedicated community volunteer, Jenessa "Boey" has touched many hearts in Oregon and beyond. What is the name of the Bill that she co-sponsored with Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden?

5. Q:  Built in Northwest contemporary style with a clean and earthy color palette, This green-certified Legend home is now full of light, laughter and love.
 Name three unique home features or stylistic characteristics of this beautiful home.

6.  During the extreme build, the entire Byers family was treated to a vacation.  Can you name the state and location?

7. Q:  What color of T-shirts and hard hats did Team Legend Wear?
8. Q:  What is Boey’s “other” nickname?

9. Q: Approximately how many Company Sponsors volunteered time and or material to this project?

10: Q: Boey has two brothers, what are there names and ages?  How old is Boey?

Good Luck and stay tuned Sunday 8/7c on ABC!

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